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My Commitment to Clients: A Writer’s Guide to Creating Value-Driven Work

September 3, 2009


In the past several months, I have worked with several clients that had conflicts with my professional values. As a consequence of these relationships, I feel it is imperative that I share with you my working values – up front – so that there are not any questions later.

Here is a summary of what I will provide to you – the client.

  • I will meet deadlines that we have agreed upon. Part of my time management process involves constantly assessing the length of time involved in each project, and determining whether I am falling short. Typically, I can reasonably foresee any possible delays very early in the process. When I do foresee a delay, I will let you know immediately.
  • I need a reasonable period of time to complete all projects, including fair forewarning. I had an unfortunate experience several months ago where a client sent me an email, and demanded a returned work product within 6 hours. Unfortunately, I was working on another project, and did not read the email until 2 hours prior to that client’s deadline. When I was unable to meet the 6 hour timeline, the client became very upset and we ended our working relationship. Under no circumstances had we decided previously that this type of quick-response would be a normal part of my work. In some cases, I can provide a finished work product to you very quickly, depending on my¬†workload for that particular day. However, for the most part I have quite a bit of work on my schedule, and I have to fit projects in accordingly. Provide me with warning of your deadlines, and understand if I cannot provide something in a flash. A professional writer has multiple obligations.
  • While I do have multiple clients, I provide the same amount of care and consideration to each one. Your work product will be given equal, diligent attention as the next client. Due to this core value, my clients continue to return, asking for additional work. I will not hastily finish one project – no matter how small – and provide you with a carelessly composed work product.
  • I will not act unethically. I am a stickler for citations, and where they are needed I use them. Many writing projects do not require research. However, for those assignments that do, I am a stickler for plagiarism. My work will always accurately cite a research source when appropriate. Please do not ask me to simply re-word a segment of my writing, and believe that this will escape the need for a citation. If the idea largely came from the work of another writer, a citation is always necessary. I treat my work with care and respect, and in exchange, treat other writers’ work with equal respect.
  • As a writer specializing in professional, concise work products, I do not produce work “in a flash”. My work is for professionals, and is not the other kind of written garbage spewed on the internet for SEO purposes (basically a huge mash of English with 10 keywords repeated repetitively). If you need a writer to produce work in that manner, there are several websites that offer services from non-native speakers; they are willing to produce that type of work for as little as $1 per hour. If you are interested in that kind of product, feel free to contact me. I can discuss with you the level of professionalism that creates a true brand, or, if you still insist, I can provide you with several resources to locate non-native writers.
  • I rarely ghostwrite. My own part-time energies are devoted to my creative writing. I am not particularly interested in producing work for another without adequate credit. As an author, you can protect your brand, or you can choose to give other authors the opportunity to demonstrate their writing talent, based off of your work. It is my value that my work is mine.

My commitment to my clients is the basis of my writing success. From a moral standpoint, I strongly believe that the way you treat others – personally and professionally – determines your strength of character and your ability to excel. Based on this value, I commit to providing each client with a high level of diligent effort. Your work is my work, and my reputation is due to my dedication to each client. As a result of this committed service, in exchange I require an equal amount of consideration and respect.